Citizens of Stakhanov Told Militants to Get Lost: Several Thousand Locals Demanded the Terrorists to Get Out of Town During Rally


The residents of Stakhanov in the Luhansk region held a rally demanding the Russian mercenaries to leave the city.

Spokesman of the NSDC Information Center (IAC) Andrii Lysenko stated this at a briefing in Kyiv on Wednesday, Censor.NET informs citing Ukrinform.

"Several thousand local residents held a rally at instigation of the city council deputy Serhii Shakhov demanding the insurgents to leave the city yesterday in the city of Stakhanov in the Luhansk region," Lysenko said.

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Earlier, Lysychansk residents also demanded the Russian insurgents to leave the city on Tuesday after three teenagers blew up on a land mine set by the terrorists.

Such appeals of locals to the Russian mercenaries were previously heard in several other settlements of the Donbas.

However, according to the Donetsk newspaper News of Donbas, Stakhanov residents reported that the terrorists swarmed the city capturing almost all of the administrative buildings. There are about 200 militants at the hotel Donbas, for example.

There are also about 200 insurgents at the military commissariat on Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Street. Grad launch vehicle is also located on the territory of the military registration office.

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There are 200 terrorists in the headquarters of the Security Service of Stakhanov. An APCs and a cannon are located nearby. There are about 100 armed terrorists in the captured Department for Organized Crime Control premises, according to local residents.

It also became known that the Ukrainian army destroyed the terrorists' checkpoint at the entrance of Stakhanov in the town of Irmino.

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