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 After a Night Battle in Donetsk Terrorists Began to Leave Position En Masse On the Outskirts of the City


Gunmen opened fire on a military unit # 2398 near Avdiivka.

According to Censor.NET, journalist Roman Bocskala wrote about it on his Facebook page.

The military unit is in close proximity to the Donetsk airport.

"Artillery, an UAV, and mortars were in action," he added.

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"The airport has been fired from different sides directly by "Grad" rocket launcher. According to local residents, "Grad's" are located in Smolianka, Peremoga, Pisky, Zaperevalnyi, Myrnyi, Makiivka, Krasnohorivka. All of them are firing the airport simultaneously by command," the journalist said.

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"It is extremely important for the DPR and Girkin to take the airport. At least some victory is needed on the background of continuous defeats. Our soldiers are holding back the onslaught heroically. But they are asking for reinforcements!" he added.

At the same time Dmytro Tymchuk says: "By the morning, the gunmen in Donetsk began to leave position en masse on the outskirts of the city and are gathering in the center."

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n294964