Details of the Terrorist Act near Kamianka: the Checkpoint Was Blown Up Not by a Suicide Bomber, but a Taxi Driver Who Was Not Aware of the Bomb


Militants of the DPR and LPR terrorist organizations began to use locals as suicides without their awareness of this role.

Journalist Yurii Butusovwarns about this on his Facebook page,Censor.NET. informs.

"There aredetails and conclusions about new tactics, used by the terroristsduring the attack on the checkpoint near Kamianka village. This actof terrorism was not a suicide, it was committed by a local taxidriver, whose car was loaded with a bomb without his knowledge. Theinformation was clarified by the National Security and DefenseCouncil and DmytroTymchuk," Butusov says.

All thecircumstances of this act of terrorism, according to the testimonyof an eyewitness, leads to such a conclusion, the journalistsays.

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"A minibusapproached the checkpoint. Its driver was a middle-aged man. Aneyewitness who was lucky to survive does not believe he was asuicide bomber. The serviceman claims it was a local whose car wasloaded with a powerful explosive - up to 30 kg of TNT and a radiodetonator was installed there. The driver was calm. Most likely, itwas a taxi driver (he has not been identified yet) who had beenasked to carry a cargo box. The poor man did not realize his carwas turned into a bomb which was activated remotely," Butusov says,noting that there are not three, but at least five victims of thisterrorist attack.

"Thereason of such a big loss was presence of many soldiers at thecheckpoint. Obviously, the number of soldiers who check documentsat checkpoints has to be minimized to prevent them from being suchan easy target for terrorists. The main forces that serve at acheckpoint should control the road from disguised positions," theexpert says.

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It wasreported earlier that the minibus which was literally crammed withexplosives exploded on Tuesday night, July 22, near the village ofKamianka. Three servicemen were killed. Previously it was thoughtto be an act of a suicide bomber.

Theterrorists that captured Sloviansk used local population as ashield for killing Ukrainian soldiers from behind backs of womenand children. Experts note that the militants borrowed such aninsidious tactic during the Russian-Chechen wars.

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