US State Department: "Russian Government Putting Out Just Sheer Propaganda and Falsehoods about What’s Happening" with the Boeing 777 Investigation

авария боинг

Washington disprove the information about the circumstances of the Malaysian airliner crash in eastern Ukraine, provided by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

"We have a great deal of open-source evidence and intelligence to back it up that supports what we believe to be true," said Mary Harf, the deputy spokesperson on a daily press briefing, Censor.NET reports, citing the US State Department.

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Regarding the statements of the Russian Defense Ministry, Ms. Harf said that "the narrative that they are propagating, we very strongly disagree with and have many, many, many pieces of evidence to prove otherwise."

"When you look at the kind of markings on the plane and how it looked like it was brought down, obviously that's consistent with an SA-11, which is fired from the ground. I haven't seen any information that indicates a Ukrainian jet," Ms. Harf said.

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"And all of the - the preponderance of the information that we've laid out and that the intelligence community will lay out was that this was an SA-11 fired from the ground from a separatist-controlled area," the deputy spokesperson of the US State Department concluded.

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