Russia Moves Troops from Transbaikal and Far East to the Ukrainian Border

Russia continues to pull in its troops to the border with Ukraine.

Head of the Center for Military and PoliticalStudies, the Information Resistance group representative DmytroTymchuk writes about it on his Facebookpage, Censor.NET informs

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"Moscow isredeploying military personnel, armaments and military vehiclesfrom Transbaikal and Far Eastern military districts now. We do notexclude that some of these doughty warriors will hopscotch inDonbass as late as tomorrow together with tanks and Grads," hewrote.

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"TheKremlin is ready to unleash all of its military might upon Ukraine.But Ukrainian army of July 2014 is not what it used to be back inMarch. Putin can now impress only Grandpa Lenin's mummy inMausoleum by his hordes but not the nation, which is breakingMoscow hyena's chine in Donbas today," Tymchuk said

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