Foreign Ministry of Austria Supports the Embargo on Arms Supplies to Russia

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurtz is on the side of the embargo on arms supplies to Russia, according to the Austrian newspaper Kurier.

Kurtz reminded that he proposed to prohibit the supply of weapons in Russia back in February, UNIAN reports citing RIA Novosti. "This proposal was not supported by the majority then. Today I have a feeling that more and more foreign ministers support this," Kurtz said in Brussels where a meeting of EU foreign ministers was held on Tuesday. He stressed that the EU leaders should discuss the issue of sanctions against the entire sectors of the Russian economics. So there is no such subject of discussion today as sanctions of that type, Kurtz said.

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After the Russian-backed terrorists shot down Malaysian plane with 298 passengers over the Donetsk region, the U.S. and the EU are negotiating to toughen sanctions against Russia.

Earlier the largest countries of the Union - France and Germany have opposed the embargo against the Russian defense at the EU summit though London and Warsaw insisted on the imposing of the one.

The Great Britain intends to re-announce the requirement to introduce the third level of sanctions (against entire sectors of the economy). France believes that sanctions should remain on the second level (against individuals and separate companies). The U.S. has already imposed sanctions on a number of Russian raw materials and defense companies.

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