Head of the International Air Transport Association: Downing of Flight MH17 Was a "Hideous Crime"

Tony Tyler, head of the International Air Transport Association, says about it in a special statement.

"The tragedy of MH17 is an outrage. Over the weekend it was confirmed that the passengers and crew aboard the aircraft were the victims of a hideous crime. It was also an attack against the air transport system which is an instrument of peace," Mr. Tyler said, Censor.NET reports, citing the IATA statement.

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"Among the immediate priorities, the bodies of the victims must be returned to their grieving loved ones in a respectful manner," Tyler said.

"Malaysia Airlines was a clearly identified commercial jet. And it was shot down-in complete violation of international laws, standards and conventions-while broadcasting its identity and presence on an open and busy air corridor at an altitude that was deemed to be safe," the head of AITA said.

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