Over 40 thousand Russian Soldiers, 150 Tanks and 400 Armored Vehicles are Located at the Russian-Ukrainian Border - Parubii

The National Security Council states that Russia's actions show its aggression against Ukraine.

This was stated by NSDC Secretary Andrii Parubii when introducing a bill confirming the Presidential decree on the partial mobilization, Ukrainska Pravda reports.

According to him, currently there is total of about 41 thousand Russian servicemen, 150 tanks, around 400 armored vehicles located on all Ukrainian-Russian borders.

"In recent weeks, the visible success of our operations resulted in change of tactics by Russia and its militants. They are firing on the positions of our troops from the territory of Russia. They increased transfer of the heavy armored vehicles, artillery systems, including multiple launch rocket systems to illegal formations of Russian fighters to the Donetsk and Luhansk regions as well as self-propelled anti-aircraft missile defense systems. During the recent days we have witnessed the change in tactics when the militants fire at the Russian territory, and in response they [Russians] hit our positions and under cover of these strikes they convoys of armored vehicles attempt to break through from Russia to Ukraine," he added.

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Parubii added that a terrible tragedy - downing of the passenger plane by Russian militants - should put a stop to it.

"Today we can state that Putin does not stop. The Russian Federation continues to transfer weapons and send militants to Ukraine. We have confirmed facts of militants using artillery systems received from Russia against residential neighborhoods in Ukrainian cities and towns. Such actions are qualified by the law of Ukraine on defense as an aggression against our country," Parubii said.

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