Australian Prime Minister About the Boeing 777 Crash: “After the Crime Comes the Cover Up”

Announcing Operation Bring Them Home (bringing home the bodies of Australian passengers on board of the Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines), Mr Abbott described the aftermath of the MH17 air disaster as “evidence tampering on an industrial scale”.

Censor.NET reports about it, citing news.com.ua

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"After the crime, comes the cover-up," Mr Abbott said. "What we have seen is evidence tampering on an industrial scale - and that has to stop."

The Prime Minister told reporters in Canberra the objectives now are to retrieve the bodies of the victims, to secure the crash site, to conduct the investigation and to bring justice.

The United Nations Resolution authorises the presence of security elements on the ground and Mr Abbott said it should include countries whose citizens were killed and he again demanded that the site be secured.

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