"Terrorists Took Donetsk Hostage and Are Killing It" - Governor Taruta

The Ukrainian armed forces did not, do not and will not wage war against its own people. Donetsk residential neighborhoods are shelled by the terrorists.

This was said by Chairman of the Donetsk Regional State Administration Serhii Taruta in a statement, Censor.NET reports.

"I want you to know that our city is captured by barbarians and terrorists. They have deceived you, promising mountains of gold, and instead brought chaos, destruction and death to our home. Realizing that they do not find mass support from the people of Donetsk, the terrorists took our city hostage and are killing it, striking the residential quarters," he said.

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"Dear people of Donetsk! I know for a fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not, do not and will not wage war against its own people. I know that none of the Ukrainian soldiers would ever shoot an unarmed Ukrainian. I know that our troops have not fired at Donetsk," Taruta said.

"I urge you to gather the strength, to be courageous and bold. Observe the rules and regulations of the Civil Defense. Stay together in these difficult days, do not pass by on someone else's misfortune, do not leave each other in trouble. Trust only the reports from official sources," he said in the statement.

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If you have the opportunity do not be afraid to leave the city. The state guarantees that anyone who is looking for shelter will be given care and attention. I also want you to believe the fact that this nightmare will soon be over. It cannot happen otherwise. We will survive, we will defend our land and win," Taruta concluded.

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