Russian Army Mine the Ukrainian Area of the Sea of Azov. 100 Armored Vehicles Were Transferred to the Border with Ukraine. VIDEO

Russia continues to build up its troops on the border with Ukraine.

Speaker of the InformationCenter of the National Security andDefense Council Andrii Lysenko said this at a press briefing onMonday, UkrainskaPravda reports.

According to him, near the village of Strilkove(Kherson region) Russianbuildup was detected.


"We also knowthat the railway station"Otvazhnaya" of theRostov region arrived anconvoy of 100armored vehicles of the ArmedForces. This convoy movedin the direction ofNovoshakhtinsk of the Rostovregion," Lysenkosaid.

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In addition, accordingto the National Security and DefenseCouncil, the RussianArmy mines the Ukrainian area of the Sea of Azov.

is a water area aound trapped gas-producingplants. Themining is conducted under cover of twoRussian missileboats," Lysenkosaid.

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