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 4 civilians Were Killed During Fighting in Donetsk

Fighting continues in Donetsk. During shelling at the railway station area at least 4 civilians were killed.

According to Ukrainska Pravda, near the 51nd school in Donetsk at the Kyiv district not far from the train station, four civilians were killed during shelling.

In addition, near the supermarket "Amstor" not far from railway station, the shell was exploded, 62.ua reporting.

According to information from people who drove near the scene, there are killed and injured people because of explosion.

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But the exact number of killed and injured not known yet. In addition, according to the witnesses, damaged cars exploded, located at the shelled area.

Sources from the Donetsk Regional State Administration report that because of shelling there are injured civilians. Ambulance has no possibility to come to that place yet, because shelling still continues.

Earlier, the passengers were evacuated from the Donetsk railway station.

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