Kerry: Russia Involved in the Terrorist Attack Against the Boeing 777. There is Overwhelming Evidence

авария боинг

The United States has a large quantity of evidence pointing to a Russian trace in the tragedy of the downed Malaysian airlines passenger plane over Ukraine.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry saidthis in an interview to the local television channel CBS on Sunday,Censor.NET reports citingUkrinform.

"Thereis a huge amount of evidence, even more than I have listed (in thestudio - Ed.), proving the involvement of Russia in the transfer ofthese Systems (anti-aircraft missile systems - Ed.) and trainingterrorists to use them. We know that the insurgents have shot down12 aircrafts in the last several months including two transportaircrafts," the Secretary of State said.

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Kerry said that the separatists have closeliaison with Russia, which may influence them. "We need Russia tobecome part of the solution of this issue rather than part of theproblem," the head of the U.S. State Department said.

Hestressed the need to conduct a full investigation concerning thedowned plane with the participation of international investigators,qualified personnel and "people who can gather all the evidencetogether and draw the appropriate conclusions."

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Kerrystressed that while the evidence is sufficient the investigatorshowever need full access to the crash site to conduct a thoroughinvestigation.

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