Russia Sending Troops and Technique to Ukrainian Border - National Security and Defense Council (NSDC)

Russian Federation continues to gather forces along the Ukrainian border.

According to NSDC speaker Andrii Lysenko, Russian units of 9th Motor Rifle Brigade and 288th Artillery Brigade were drawn up along Russian-Ukrainian border in the Rostov and Belgorod regions.

We have also spotted 30 tanks in the Briansk region and numerous group of armored vehicles not far from Novoshakhtinsk settlement ( Rostov region), Lysenko informed.

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In addition, on June 19 4 tanks, 3 APC and near 100 troopers drew up in battle formation at the gas distribution station near Strilkove settlement ( Kherson region).

"2 artillery units were also spotted moving in Crimea, occupied by Russia, from Simferopol to Dzhankoi and Perekop" - said Lysenko

4 tanks, 3 IFV, 3 "Grad" missile systems, 4 APC and several Ural trucks with ammunition arrived from Russia through Bilenke vilage in the Luhansk region during past 24 hours.

At the same time the militants are trying to forcibly engage local population to fight against the ATO forces.

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