United States Has Confirmed that Russia Supplied the Terrorists in Ukraine with BUK Missile Launchers - U.S. Intelligence


Russia supplied the missile that shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

It is reported by Wall Street Journal, Censor.NET writes, referring to Radio Svoboda.

U.S. officials say they now suspect that Russia supplied the rebels with multiple SA-11 antiaircraft systems by smuggling them into eastern Ukraine with other military equipment, including tanks.

Further, U.S. officials believe the systems were moved back across the border into Russia following the shoot down of the jetliner, buttressing what Ukraine charges is an attempt by the rebels and their Russian advisers to cover up their involvement in the crash.

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Intelligence disclosures by Ukrainian and U.S. security officials reveal also a higher degree of military cooperation from Moscow to the Ukrainian rebels than was understood before the passenger jet was shot down, as well as intricate and detailed coordination by Russian military officials with the pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine.

"Consensus among intelligence agencies is growing that the Buk-M1 antiaircraft systems was the weapon used to down the plane as it traveled from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on Thursda," Wall Street Journal informs.

Moscow has continued to deny supplying armed separatists with heavy weapons, despite mounting evidence to the contrary put forward by U.S. officials.

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"We know there are Russian troops inside Ukraine, Russian troops, Russian equipment.", said a U.S. official.

No expert air crash investigators have yet had access to the rural crash site since Flight 17 was shot down on Thursday afternoon, and in the absence of an independent investigation U.S. and regional intelligence officials have been poring over satellite and electronic intercepts seeking clues about the cause of the crash..

The added certainty that the SA-11 systems likely were in rebel hands also poses questions by Wall Street Journal, about why Ukraine or U.S. officials didn't move more quickly to advise commercial jetliners of potential dangers, if there was time after they learned of possible rebel control of the systems.

The United States has confirmed that Russia supplied sophisticated missile launchers to separatists in eastern Ukraine and that attempts were made to move them back across the Russian border after the Thursday shoot-down of a Malaysian jet liner, a U.S. official said Saturday. This is reported by Washington Post.

U.S. intelligence was "starting to get indications... a little more than a week ago" that the Russian launchers had been moved into Ukraine, said the official.

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