During ATO the Terrorists Downed 14 Airplanes and Helicopters, Killing 400 people – Hroisman.


Since mid-April, the pro-Russian and Russian militants have shot down 14 airplanes and helicopters over the entire duration of the ATO in the Donbas region.

The total number of victims is now about 400. The largest scale atrocity occurred on July 17th, when the terrorists shot down the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777, carrying 298 passengers and crew. Search and rescue workers have not yet found or recovered the bodies of 106 victims, as the work of search teams is being hampered by armed seperatists for the third day in a row.

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Answering the question why the airspace above the Donbas region was not closed to the civilian air traffic, Hroysman emphasized that "the course of the anti-terrorist operation did not envision using anti-aircraft missiles. Especially, since the ATO forces do not use instruments capable of striking targets above 10 km." Moreover, according to the deputy prime-minister, the terrorists were not supposed to have such capability either. They received these weapons along with service crews from the Russian Federation.

Hroisman noted that the militants are not capable of exploiting the sophisticated systems, such as "Buk", on their own. Such systems "can be operated by the professional military personnel, who have the necessary experience, including practical skills in using [these weapons]."

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