Terrorists Reveal Despicable Cynicism: Not Only Do They Pocket Valuable Personal Belongings, But Also Use Credit Cards Of the Victims” - NSDC

According to NSDC, the terrorists, most of whom are in a state of an alcoholic intoxication, impede the crash scene investigation conducted by international specialists. Militants use victims' credit cards and collect valuable personal belongings from the bodies.

"Criminals' cynicism caps the climax. According to operationalinformation, not only do the terrorists pocket valuable personalbelongings of the dead people, they also use credit cards of thevictims", NSDC spokesman Andrii Lysenko said.

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Witnesses of the crash site reported that the terrorists, most ofwhom are in a state of an alcoholic intoxication, hinder theinvestigation of the tragedy. Militants shoot in the air when theOSCE observers try to go beyond the territory they are confined to.At this moment, there are 30 OSCE investigators at the scene of theMalaysian aircraft crash", Lysenko pointed out.

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