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 ATO Forces Cut Off Militants From Weapons and Ammunition Supplies - NSDC

National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) reports that the militants have been cut off supplies of weapons, ammunition and reinforcements.

"The Armed Forces of Ukraine is successfully conducting an offensive in the city area of Lysychansk and Sievierodonetsk (Luhanks region). The National Guard actively supported by artillery has blocked a big transport hub, which is an important object in the eastern Ukraine. This success enables to prevent a great part of weapon and reinforcement deliveries to the militants", NSDC speaker Andrii Lysenko said.

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The DPR (self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic) leader Igor Girkin wrote that the terrorists found themselves in a desperate situation after Ukrainian army cut off withdrawal routes. This has been published by a user named Kotych at the Collectors' forum under the topic Military Briefings from the East-Southern Front. Igor Girkin is usually writes under this nickname, Espresso.TV reports.

"Bravado... to hell with it! "Militants win!"… Yeah.. if it were like that. The situation is similar to the one in Sloviansk, but on a large scale - the opponent is approaching step by step, cutting communications, meanwhile ours are writing in Twitter that "Everything is lovely in a rosy garden", Kotych wrote.

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According to his report, the Army shut off the main road connecting Donetsk and Luhansk and, respectively, Russia.

"Strongholds of the enemy are now in the villages Bilyi and Vesela Tarasivka. Now one will start commenting: "Igor Ivanych is sad and giving a hint that everything is "not that bad". Everything is too bad! Tactical victory in an indecisive area cannot change the strategic situation and the results of strategic defeats! We lost Bilyi and Vesela Tarasivka villages! That's what i call strategic defeat. Now we are being cut off the border - that is from any supply", Girkin writes.

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Yesterday Ukrainian defense minister Valerii Geletei reported to president Petro Poroshenko that the Army repulsed a south-eastern part of Luhansk and took control over Luhansk airport. Today morning it has been confirmed by an ATO speaker, too, that the Luhansk and Donetsk airports had been unblocked and repulsed by Ukrainian soldiers.

Earlier Geletei told that militants were panicking. Due to dynamic actions of the Army which freed a number of cities and towns from militants, "the letter ones are agonizing", Geletei specified.

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