Terrorists with Russia’s Support Are Trying to Destroy Evidence of the International Crime

Terrorists managed by Russia do not allow the competent authorities of Ukraine to start an investigation and refuse to let the international community representatives to enter the site of the crash of the Malaysian Airlines plane.

This is said in a special statement of the Cabinet of Ministers, which is published on the governmental official website, Censor.NET informs.

According to the government, the terrorists have taken 38 bodies to a mortuary in Donetsk, where specialists with a strong Russian accent claimed they would conduct their own autopsy.

The terrorists are also seeking spacious vehicles for transporting the wreckage to the territory of Russia.

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"The Ukrainian government officially announces: Russian-backed terrorists are trying to demolish the evidence of this international crime. We appeal to the international community and urge to oblige Russia to withdraw its terrorists and allow Ukrainian and international experts to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the circumstances of the tragedy. There will be no excuse for the international criminals, as well as for those who supported, trained, funded them, and supplied them with weapons", the statement says.

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Besides, it is emphasized that the Ukrainian government has informed all Member States of the EU and the U.S. about the progress of the situation. The government has provided necessary means and staff for investigation and forensic medical examinations of the bodies, as well as all the facilities for their repatriation to the respective countries, but currently terrorist groups make the process impossible.

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