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 Klimkin: the Matter of Attracting Foreign Troops is not on the Agenda

Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin explains that now the matter of attracting foreign troops to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine is not being considered.

He statedthis in an interview to Hromadske.TV, UkrainskaPravda reports.

"Help of other states isprovided in the format that does not provide for access of thearmed forces of other countries to the territory of Ukraine."Klimkin said.

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He explained that thesituation in Ukraine is not classified as a domestic conflict or asan inter-state one; there is an ongoing "establishment of order inthe country" and this format does not allow to attract foreignmilitary units.

"All options which wouldhelp establish order in the East of Ukraine are being consideredbut the involvement of the armed units of other states is not onthe agenda," Klimkin said.

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