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 Ukrainian Troops Enter Luhansk

There is information that one of the local separatist leaders Alexey Sokolov was killed.

The Ukrainian troops entered Luhansk, which had previously been occupied by terrorists. Lb.ua writes that this information was confirmed by one of the soldiers of the 30th mechanized brigade who participated in the battles near Luhansk today, Censor.NET reports.

Furthermore, in a battle for Luhansk one of the leaders of the local separatists Alexey Sokolov was wounded. According to preliminary information, he died in hospital in Perevalsk of the Luhansk region. Perevalsk residents also report that the cossacks have left their town.

Earlier it was reported that the separatists' roadblocks around Luhansk are being shelled by the Ukrainian aircraft, and heavy fighting took place in Luhansk itself. According to the mayor's office, 20 civilians were killed.

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