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 Obama: Putin Facilitates Violence in Ukraine

US President Barrack Obama stated that the separatists in the Donbas area are supported by the Russian Federation and Putin.

Censor.NET citing the Washington Post reports that Obama noted that "we don't yetknow exactly what happened with respect to the Malaysian Airlines,although obviously we're beginning to draw some conclusions giventhe nature of the shot that was fired. There are only certain typesof anti-aircraft missiles that can reach up 30,000 feet and shootdown a passenger jet. We have increasing confidence that it camefrom areas controlled by the separatists.

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But without having adefinitive judgment on those issues yet, what we do know is, isthat the violence that's taking place there is facilitated in part-- in large part -- because of Russian support, and they have theability to move those separatists in a different direction. If Mr.Putin makes a decision that we are not going to allow heavyarmaments and the flow of fighters into Ukraine across theUkrainian-Russian border, then it will stop. And if it stops, thenthe separatists will still have the capacity to enter intonegotiations and try to arrive at the sort of politicalaccommodations that Mr. Putin himself says he wants to see. He hasthe most control over that situation, and so far, at least, he hasnot exercised it."

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Obamastated that US may toughen the sanctions against Russia: "we willcontinue to make clear that as Russia, you know, engages in effortsthat are supporting the separatists, that we have a capacity toincrease the costs that we impose on them, and we will do so -- notbecause we're interested in hurting Russia for the sake of hurtingRussia, but because we believe in standing up for the basicprinciple that a country's sovereignty and territorial integrityhas to be respected, and it is not the United States, or Russia, orGermany, or any other country that should be deciding what happensin that country."

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