Black Boxes from the Downed Boeing 777 Should Remain in the Hands of International Experts - Poroshenko

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko held a telephone conversation with British Prime Minister David Cameron during which he expressed deep condolences over the deaths of British citizens in the Malaysian Airlines plane downed by the terrorists.

It isreported by the press service of the Presidential Administration,Censor.NET informs.

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"David Cameron expressedhis gratitude to Poroshenko for conversation in such incrediblydifficult circumstances of the terrible tragedy. PresidentPoroshenko expressed gratitude for the fact that Great Britaininitiated urgent meeting of the UN Security Council," the statementsays.

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Theparties discussed the course of the international investigation ofthe tragedy. The President invited the British experts to take partin it. Poroshenko emphasized that the black boxes from the aircraftmust remain in the hands of the international experts and cannot betransferred by the terrorists to any third party. David Cameronstressed the need to carefully collect all the possible facts andsubmit them to the UN Security Council.

At the end of theconversation, the President thanked the Prime Minister for hispersonal efforts in shaping the position on Ukraine, which isexpressed in the European Council conclusions of 16 July2014.

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