Polish Foreign Minister: "Pro-Russian Terrorists Are to Be Blamed for the Crash of the Boeing 777”

Official Poland, referring to the intercepted conversations of pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine, tends to the version that the pro-Russian forces shot down the Malaysian plane.

Earlier the Security Service of Ukraine intercepted conversation of those who shot down the Boeing 777.

In the official statement, the Foreign Ministry of Poland has strongly condemned shooting of the passenger aircraft over the territory of Eastern Ukraine, "controlled by the pro-Russian separatists": "Use of advanced antiaircraft weapons against a civilian target is particularly outrageous."

Diplomats called for an objective international investigation of the causes of the crash, Censor.NET citing Novyi Region.

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"We are concerned about the press reports that the Ukrainian side intercepted telephone conversations indicating that the pro-Russian separatists may be responsible for the airplane crash," the statement said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland reminded that during the visit of its head Radoslaw Sikorski in Kyiv last Tuesday, the Minister referred to the fact that the "pro-Russian separatists, reportedly armed with advanced missiles such as" land-to-air ", represent the greatest concern in the current conflict in eastern Ukraine. "

"We appeal to both sides of the conflict and the international community to take all the necessary measures in order to establish the facts of the accident, to secure evidence at the crash site, to deal with bodies and belongings of victims with respect, and to provide secure access to the area of the disaster."

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Polish diplomats also expressed condolences to the families and countries whose nationals were aboard.

"Until now, we do not know whether there are Polish citizens among the victims," the Foreign Ministry says. "We check the list of passengers to establish their citizenship. Around 40 identities are still to be investigated."

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