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 Leader of Donetsk People's Republic Gubarev: Boeing Was Hit in the Dnipropetrovsk Region 300 km away from the Crash Site. They Have Expert-Missileers There.

Malaysia Airlines plane crashed in the Donbas was hit 200-300 km away from the crash site.

Donetsk people's governor Pavel Gubarev claimed this, Censor.NET informs citing RIA Novosti.

"We've calculated the trajectory and talked to experts. It turns out that the plane was hit 200-300 km away from the crash site. Namely, in the Dnipropetrovsk region," Gubarev said.

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Answering the question of how Kyiv had calculated that the airplane fell on the territory controlled by terrorists, Gubarev responded that they (Kyiv) also have such specialists.

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As reported, the Malaysian Boeing 777 crashed on July 17 killing 298 people. Meanwhile, the OSCE and the UN call for an urgent meeting regarding the Boeing 777 crash.

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