Terrorist Girkin (Strelkov): "Bodies in the Malaysian Boeing Are Not "Fresh" - They Have Been Dead for Days"

One of the DNR terrorist leaders Igor Strelkov (Girkin) stated that most of the passengers on Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777, shot down last night by the terrorists, had been dead long before the crash.

He has been cited by one of the terrorist news sources Russkaya Vesna (Russian Spring), Censor.NET reports.

"According to the people who recover the bodies, a large portion of the bodies is not "fresh" - they have been dead for up to several days. I cannot guarantee the authenticity of this information. Of course, a report from medical examiners is necessary."

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Responding to a comment that such version of events is, mildly speaking, implausible, the terrorist stated, "Firstly, not everyone on the plane was dead before the crash. Secondly, a large amount of medicine, blood serum [containers] and other things, atypical for a regular plane were found at the crash site. It seems it was a special medical cargo. I'm not stating anything definitely (for now). I simply have just spoken with two people who have been collecting the bodies right after the crash (both of them from Shakhtarsk, arrived to the site less than 30 minutes after the crash). I'm going by what they told me. They stressed that a lot of the bodies were "completely bloodless," as if the blood had coagulated long before the crash. They also pointed out a strong decomposition odor, which was noted by many local residents. Such odor could not appear in half and hour in any weather, and the weather yesterday was gloomy."

He also added, "The pilots, naturally, were quite alive - the entire pilot cabin (and the front part of the plane is well preserved) was practically flooded by their blood."

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