Russia Does not Exclude the Possibility of Pinpoint Strikes on Ukraine - Lavrov


Russia may suppress the firing points if the attacks on Russia from the Ukrainian territory continue, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview to Russia-24.

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"Wehave already made a warning that if this continues, we will takethe necessary measures. At least, if it is clear that this is doneintentionally, I am convinced that we need to suppress this firingpoint on a one-time basis," RIA Novostisays, citing Lavrov.

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TheMinister also stressed that Moscow considers the situation of theshelling of its territory by Ukraine to be a result of lack ofexpertise or an accident. "Still, it's a result of either not veryprofessional actions of those who serve on these weapons or just anaccident which happens at war. But we have strongly warned ourUkrainian colleagues," Lavrov added.

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