Russia Does not Exclude the Possibility of Pinpoint Strikes on Ukraine - Lavrov


Russia may suppress the firing points if the attacks on Russia from the Ukrainian territory continue, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an interview to Russia-24.

Censor.NET writes this citing slon.ru

"We have already made a warning that if this continues, we will take the necessary measures. At least, if it is clear that this is done intentionally, I am convinced that we need to suppress this firing point on a one-time basis," RIA Novosti says, citing Lavrov.

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The Minister also stressed that Moscow considers the situation of the shelling of its territory by Ukraine to be a result of lack of expertise or an accident. "Still, it's a result of either not very professional actions of those who serve on these weapons or just an accident which happens at war. But we have strongly warned our Ukrainian colleagues," Lavrov added.

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