Crash Site of the Boeing 777 after It Was Shot Down by the Pro-Russian Terrorists. PHOTOS +18

Censor.NET publishes photos from the crash site of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777 after it was shot down by the pro-Russian terrorists in the Donetsk region.

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The Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200 en route from Amsterdam toKuala Lumpur (flight MH17) crashed in near Torez in the Shakhtarskdistrict of the Donetsk region, on 17 July at 4:20 pm.


There were 298 passengers aboard: 283 adults, among which 3 werechildren, and 15 crew members.

The aircraft was travelling at the distance of 10km above theground. As of 7:00 am on 18 July, the rescue workers recovered 121bodies.


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The Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVS) states that theplane was shot down by the terrorists. Immediately after the crash,the terrorists claimed responsibility for it, as at the time theywere convinced to have shot down a Ukrainian plane An-26. Later,the terrorists claimed that they had no connection to thecrash.


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Pictures: Reuters, Associated Press, EPA, ITAR-TASS, RIANovosti

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