Putin is Taking Back the Buk Complex that Shot Down Malaysian Airlines Boeing to Destroy It and Hide the Evidence - Interior Ministry

There is evidence that Putin is trying to get the Buk system back to Russia, the adviser to the Ukrainian Minister of Interior claims.

Censor.NET reports that Adviser Anton Herashchenko writes on his Facebook page about the attempts of the Russian President to hide the evidence:

"This very moment Putin in a desperate attempt to hide the consequences of his deeds is trying to hide rocket complex "Buk" on Russian territory.

Ten minutes ago a row of military machinery including the above--mentioned "Buk" has passed the point 48.011623, 38.763036 on the road T-0522. It is only ten kilometers left to Russia.

It is most likely that the machinery that fired the missiles at Malaysian aircraft will be destroyed and the people who committed the act of terror will be annihilated.

Several hours ago Putin made a statement in regard the catastrophic crash of Malaysian Boing in which he blamed it all on Ukrainian side. What else is there to be done for an international terrorist?! Only lie!"

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Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n294300