Russian Ministry of Defence Denies Complicity in Shooting down of the Boeing 777

The Russia’s Ministry of Defence declares that on July 17 the means of Air Defense of the Russian Armed Forces did not operate in the place of the crush of the Boeing 777.

The statement of the Ministry was made public by Russia-24 Channel,Censor.NET informs. "Theairplanes of the Russian Air Forces in Russian regions that borderthe Donetsk region did not carry out any flights on July 17 thisyear," the statement says. "This information is completelyconfirmed by the means of objective control. We draw your attentionthat the Boeing 777 was flying outside of the coverage zone ofmeans of the Russian Air Defense. It was in the air space ofUkraine under control of her system of organization of airtraffic," the declaration of the Russian Ministry of Defensestates. The Russian ministry has called upon internationalcommunity to carry out 'thorough maximally open investigation ofthis air catastrophe'.

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It was informed earlier that since the beginning of theanti-terrorist operation, anti-aircraft complexes of the Ukrainianarmy were not applied, there was not a single launch of guidedmissiles. In the Donetsk region, the passenger airplane heading toKuala Lumpur was shot down. 280 passengers and 15 crew membersdied. Among perished - 154 Dutch, 27 Austrians, 23 Malaysians, 11Indonesians, 6 British, 4 Germans, 4 Belgians, 3 Philippians and 1Canadian.

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Meanwhile, Russian media and terrorists practically simultaneouslyinformed that the transport plane AN-26 of the Air Forces ofUkraine had been shot down. Later, the Service of Security ofUkraine established involvement of the terrorists to the crush ofthe civilian airplane. Terrorists in eastern Ukraine have receivedweapons that can shoot airplanes at the high altitude. This is howthe airplane AN-26 was shot down earlier, when it was flying at thealtitude of 6000 meters.

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