Poroshenko's Address: "Today, Terrorists Have Killed almost 300 People with One Shot"


President Poroshenko addressed the nation regarding the tragedy of the Malaysian Airlines aircraft.

Censor.NET reports about it, citing the press service of the Head of State.

Full text of the address:

Today, war has gone beyond the territory of Ukraine. Consequences of this war have already reached the whole world. Tragedy that has taken place today in the sky of Donetsk deeply shocks even against the usual backdrop of sad and dramatic events caused by the actions of aggressors and militants in the Donbas.

Today, terrorists have killed almost 300 people with one shot. Among them are women, children, citizens of different countries of the world.

They have shot down the civil passenger aircraft of Malaysia Airlines which was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur at an altitude of 10,100 meters.

On behalf of the Ukrainian state, I express deep and sincere condolences to families and friends of the innocent victims. Ukraine grieves with you…

I would like to inform that one of the militants' leaders was boasting of the downed aircraft in a conversation with his foreign Russian supervisor, colonel of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Vasili Geranin.

Other terrorists-diversionists also managed to brag about the new trophy.

In recent days, this has become the third tragic accident following AN-26 and SU-25 aircrafts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces downed from the Russian territory.

Pursuant to my instruction, an Emergency State Commission has been established to investigate the reasons of the disaster. Experts from the ICAO, the Netherlands, Malaysia and the United States have been involved in its work.

I have just had phone conversations with President of the USA Barack Obama, Prime Ministers of Malaysia and the Netherlands - countries passengers of which have suffered most from the terrorist act. It is unfortunate that terrorists have already claimed their willingness to cover things up and take the flight data recorder, the so-called black box, to Moscow.

Unfortunately, today's tragedy has once again proved that terrorism is not local, but global problem. External aggression against Ukraine is not only our problem, but also a threat to European and global security. Overcoming it requires joint efforts.

After the efficient actions of the Ukrainian army, mercenaries and their "big brother" have been increasingly resorting to overt military actions against our state. They are shelling the Ukrainian territory from the territory of the country-neighbor, shooting down aircrafts, supplying professional mercenaries and modern military machines. Hybrid war acquires irrefutable signs of external aggression. Still, we should know that in recent weeks, due to courage, heroism and bravery of thousands of our citizens and warriors, territory controlled by terrorists, bandits and foreign mercenaries has been reduced by more than a half.

Today, every Ukrainian citizen is fighting for independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Today, the whole world has seen the true face of the aggressor, for the downing of the civil aircraft is an act of international terrorism aimed against the whole world.

It is a challenge for the whole world. The resolute will of our people and unbreakable spirit of the Ukrainian army will necessarily lead to victory!

Glory to Ukraine!

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