Citizens of 9 Countries Were On Board of the Boeing Shot down by Terrorists. Most of Them Were Dutch

According to the latest data, on board of the Boeing-777 aircraft of Malaysia Airlines, flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, shot down by the pro-Russian terrorists of DNR and LNR, there were at least 154 residents of the Netherlands.

This was announced by Executive Director of the MalaysiaAirlines Hiub Gorter at a press conference at the Schiphol Airport,Censor.NET reported, citingUkrinform .
On board of the plane there were also 27 Australians, 23Malaysians, 11 Indonesians, 4 German, 4 Belgians, and 3 passengersfrom the Philippines, 1 Canadian and 6 British passengers.
Citizenship of 47 passengers has not been identified yet.

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As it was reported earlier, on July 17, around 16:20, the Boeing777 airplane of Malaysia Airlines was lost on radars, while flyingfrom Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur as MN17 flight. As it turned out,the airplane crashed near Torez city of the Donetsk region.

Recently, this has been the third attack after the airplanes AN-26and SU-25 of the Ukrainian army were shot down from the territoryof the Russian Federation. The President of Ukraine suggests thatthe Boeing 777 was also shot down and stresses that the Ukrainianarmy did not commit any actions to hit the targets in theair.

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