Yatsenyuk: “Those Guilty in the Plane Crash Won’t Hide Themselves, whatever Invulnerable They May Seem Now”

Prime Minister Yatsenyuk on his behalf and behalf of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has expressed the deep sorrow to the relatives of the passengers who died on the board of Boeing-777 of Malaysia Airlines that came down flying over Donetsk region on July 17.

Censor.NET reports aboutit, citing the Department of the Communications of the Secretary ofthe Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Mr. Yatsenyuk said that the whole Ukrainian nation is deeplyshocked with this terrible tragedy.

The Prime Minister assured that the Ukrainian government will doits best to guarantee fair and comprehensive investigation into thecauses of the catastrophe and to prosecute all the persons guiltyin this terrible tragedy - wherever they may hide themselves andwhatever invulnerable they may seem now.

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Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n294282