Putin Accused Ukraine of the Malaysian Boeing Catastrophe

Russian president Vladimir Putin laid responsibility for shooting down the Malaysia Airlines, which took place on Thursday, on Ukraine.

"Certainly, the state, over the territory of which it happened,bears responsibility for this frightful tragedy," said head of theRussian state during a meeting on economic issues, which he startedby a moment of silence in memory of victims of the catastrophe,Censor. NET reportsciting Interfax.

"This tragedy would not have happened should there be peace ofthat soil, if military operations were not renewed in thesouth-east of Ukraine," he stated.

"We have to do everything that depends on us that an objectivepicture of what happened can become available for our population,the population of Ukraine, and the population of the whole world,"Putin said.

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Earlier reports informed about the fall of a passenger airplane inthe vicinity of Torez in the terrorist-held Donetsk province ofUkraine. Communication of traffic managers in Kyiv and Rostov withthe airline jet was lost at 16:20 on Thursday. The MalaysiaAirlines jet was conducting a flight from Amsterdam to KualaLumpur. The Ukrainian military confirmed that they do not operateanti-aircraft systems in the area of Ukraine's anti-terroristoperation around Donetsk and Luhansk. At the same time, pro-Russianterrorists and units of the Russian Armed Forces, who wage war inthe area, do use anti-aircraft weapons.

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