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 Now is the Time to Organize Protests against Russia’s International Terrorism – Journalist Opinion

There must be worldwide mass protests against the international terrorism of Russia,

Writes Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

He notes: "Now A LOT depends on each of us, on ordinary Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine WORLDWIDE! It is vital - it is a request to all those not indifferent - to organize protests against the international terrorism of Russia on a large scale possible. All facts clearly indicate - the Malaysian Boeing was shot down by the Russian military or Russian mercenaries - Girkin does not have the units capable of managing highly complex military equipment of the anti-missile system type. Ukraine cannot be involved in this tragedy in any way - there were simply no forces, and our troops did not fire on any air targets and the aircraft were not even raised from their bases. So! Photo, video, description of the protests against Russia's terrorism is the task of the next few days and weeks. Do not rely on authorities and diplomats. They are now paralyzed with negotiations, coordination and calls. They are trying to do what they can, they will contribute something but as always - very slow and it will take them very long. A huge lying colossus of Putin has begun to lie to the world saying "it wasn't us. It was Ukrainians who shot down the plane." We cannot lose this fight."

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"Our guys are far away fighting with weapons in their hands. They are being shot at by Russian snipers, Grad systems, tanks and mortars. Every hour they sacrifice their lives for the sake of our freedom. Let's support our soldiers on this front! Show how peaceful free people throughout the world can express their outrage against Russian air terrorism. When the Soviet Union shot down the Korean passenger Boeing in 1983 a wave of protests has become one of the strongest blows to expose the immorality of the Kremlin gang. We cannot afford the Kremlin terrorists to drown the truth about Russian crimes in their lies," Butusov wrote.

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