Source in the Defense Ministry: Malaysian Boeing Shot Down by Russian Air Defense. Ukraine will Present Evidence

боинг авиакатасрофа

Malaysian airlines Boeing 777 was downed because the Russian air defense is covering Russian mercenaries and troops in the area.

Censor.NET's source in the General Staff of the Armed Forces says:" The rocket launch against the Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines has been committed by the Russian air defense from the border area or from the zero point near the border with Ukraine," journalist Yurii Butusov writes on his Facebook page. "That is definitely Russian anti-missile system - most likely a C-300 or the Buk. The airliner was at an altitude of 10,000 meters, the MANPADS cannot reach that high. Ukraine has no long-range air defense near Donetsk. The terrorists do not have such means either."

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"The aircraft was destroyed the Russian air defense covers Russian mercenaries and terrorists in the area. Yesterday Russian air defense forces shot down Su-25 of the Ukrainian Air Forces. Today our military aviation using IL-76s was providing supply to the blocked troops near the border with Russia. Obviously, Russian air defense troops tried to destroy our plane but there was an error of the operator-gunner, and a civilian plane was hit. Ukraine will present evidence of the Boeing's destruction by the Russian military," the source said.

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