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 Russian Terrorist Strelok Claims Responsibility for Downed Boeing with 300 Passengers on Board. PHOTO

DPR terrorist leader Igor Girkin (a.k.a. Strelok/Shooter) claimed responsibility for the downed passenger plane with 300 people on board.

The leader of the DPR terrorisr Igor Girkin wrote on hissocialnetwork page that his people downed AN-26 over Torez(apparently not knowing that it was a Boeing) and sarcasticallynoted that he told them (Ukrainians) not to fly over our sky. Thepost also includes a video of the crash, Censor.NETreports.


At the same time, the Russian propaganda resource LifeNewshastened to announce that the "militia" shot down AN-26 of theUkrainian Air Force.


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Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p294234