Four Burnt Bodies of Soldiers Found near Luhansk Airport

Burnt bodies of four men in a uniform discovered near Luhansk airport. The remains of a burnt vehicles and armor vest Korsar-3M were also found at the crossroads

Press-secretary of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Luhansk region Tetiana Pohukai wrote this on her page on Facebook, Censor.NET reports

The burnt remains of ZIL-131 truck with the registration plates baring number 8251E9 and an APC with the label on a frame with the text "T07PT4633" were found at the crossroads of highways H-21 "Luhansk-Lutuhine" and E-40 ", Luhansk Airport" on July 16

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Burnt bodies of four men in a military uniform were also found.

There were following objects found at the scene: the body armor Korsar M3 with the marking 317784… (the rest of the digits melted); metal cooking pot with traces of thermal deformation, the bottom of which is labeled Andreykіv; fragment of the chevron with the parachute canopy, emblem of Ukraine and the inscription Desant (Airborne).

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Personal details of the deceased servicemen are being verified.

Note that Corsair-3M is a vest of the Ukrainian production supplied for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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