Around 400 "Little Green Men," Dressed as the Russian Military, but without Insignia, Are Detected in the Donbas

In the Donbass, "little green men" who are in fact the Russian military are seen. They wear the form of the Russian Army, but without badges and insignia.

" Today the National Security and Defense Council confirmed thefact that we reported earlier and that caused so many discussions:Russia again carries out a hidden military intervention inUkraine," head of the Center for Military and Political StudiesDmytro Tymchuk wrote on his page in Facebook, Censor .NET reports. The NSDC ( and laterthe State Border Guard Service ) stated that Russian soldiers wereseen o n the territory of the Donbas. They wear the form of theRussian Armed Forces, but unmarked ( after Crimea, they are knownas " little green men " who held annexation of thepeninsula).

"To say "seen" is to put it mildly. We counted about 300 " littlegreen men ". But today, consulting with representatives of theUkrainian intelligence services, we received information that,according to their data, the number of Russian troops in the Donbasmay already have reach 400 people. But let's not argue about thefigure, it is about the fact: the invasion is under way," Tymchukwrites.

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"These Russian soldiers have no documents. They are notified bytheir commandment that in the case of their captivity they will bedismissed from the Armed Forces of the Russian Federationretroactively ( the date of dismissal in June or May.)," Tymchukwrites. "And our journalists, please note: the Russian military didnot " help " the terrorists, as some of you write. They areprofessionals, and failures of the ATO forces of the last days areon their conscience. They do all the most difficult and bloodywork. On the contrary, it is local militants who help them, not theother way."

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"At the sametime, we expectthat only a success of the ATO can force Russia to bring back itstroops from Ukraine. And on theopposite, stalling of the ATO will provokePutin send moreof their units tothe Donbas," the head of the Center for Military and PoliticalStudies concluded.

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