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 Militants Fire at Luhansk Airport from Grads Mounted in the City Center

The militants began firing at Luhansk airport controlled by the Ukrainian troops using rocket systems Grad again.

One of the soldiers located at the airport said this to Ukrainska Pravda.

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"We are being heavily shelled by Grads. They are using fragmenta, blasting and phosphorus charges during shelling," the soldier says.

According to him, there are at least one dead and several wounded servicemen.

The shelling started about an hour ago.

"No one is neutralizing Grads at the moment. MLRSes are firing 20 shots in a single salvo. We need air support. Tanks are trying to get us, but they turn around and change their direction reaching the distance of 500 meters to our position. We are repulsing the attacks. Grads are the only thing we cannot respond. They could be destroyed by the aviation only," the soldier said.

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"Grads are shelling us from the centre of Luhansk. We cannot do anything in response," he said.

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