U.S. Is Giving Full Military Aid to Ukraine

According to the draft law on the prevention of Russian aggression adopted by the U.S. Congress in two readings, the U.S. plans to provide Ukraine with full military assistance, including weapons and ammunition upon the government's request.

The document was passed to the Committee onForeign Affairs for its adoption in the final reading as stated onthe official website of Congress on Thursday, July 17, Censor.NET reports citing UNN.

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Asstated in the document, the U.S. President has the right to grantto the Government of Ukraine at the request of the government, asappropriate and in accordance with the capabilities and needs ofthe Armed Forces of Ukraine the following defensive equipment,services and training:

1)anti-tank weapons and ammunition.

2)anti-aircraft weapons and ammunition.

3)vehicle installed arms and ammunition.

4)Small arms and ammunition, including pistols, submachine guns,assault rifles, grenade launchers and sniper rifles.

5)armoured vehicles.

6) highmobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles.

7)inflatable boats.

8)vests and so on.

Earlier, the U.S. and the EU imposed new sanctions againstRussian Federation for the aggression against Ukraine.

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