I Was Taken to Russia with a Bag over my Head and They Put the Money in my Pocket - Pilot Savchenko

During a conversation with the consul of Ukraine in Russia Hennadii Breskalenko arrested pilot Nadiia Savchenko spoke on how she was taken to the Russian Federation.

This is reported be Censor.NET citing TSN. According toNadiia, the terrorists took her to Luhansk. Thence with the bagover the head, the pilot was moved to Krasnyi Luch. From there shewas moved to the town of Boguchar, the Voronezh region of Russia.Savchenko denied the Russian Investigative Committee's claims thatshe came to Russia under the guise of a refugee. Nadiia alsodispelled rumours that she allegedly signed some documents andtestimonies in jail. The illegal transfer of the Ukrainian toRussia is confirmed by her Russian lawyer Mark Feigin, who met withthe defendant today. According to the imprisoned pilot she is keptin normal conditions, and there were no tortures during theinterrogations.

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However, for 8 daysNadiia starved demanding a meeting with the Consul. The captivestopped the starving today. She also said that the tracksuit, whichshe is wearing now was given to her by the investigator, becauseshe was brought in in a dirty uniform. They planted seven thousandrubles in her pocket to prove that she could leave for the RussianFederation at her own expense. Following the statement of NadiiaSavchenko and her defense attorney regarding the illegal transfer,the Ukrainian side demands the immediate release of the captive toUkraine.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n294078