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 Cameron Will Recommend Further EU Sanctions on Russia for its Actions Regarding Ukraine

U.K. Prime Minster David Cameron will recommend further targeted sanctions be leveled on Russia for its actions regarding Ukraine when the issue is discussed at a meeting of European Union leaders in Brussels later on Wednesday.

His spokesman said about it at a briefing, Censor.NET reports, citing the Wall Street Journal.

There will also be a "real and substantive discussion" about Europe's options with regard to implementing in future the so-called third stage sanctions targeting broad sectors of the Russian economy, he said in a briefing.

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Mr. Cameron's spokesman said, "The PM's [prime minister's] view is that there is a case for going further, for example in terms of targeted sanctions-that is certainly a case he will be making given the fact that despite the words coming from Moscow we haven't seen enough action and change on the ground."

"The British Government will be arguing the case that the current conditions now justify further sanctions. That is a point we will be making this evening and we will see if we reach agreement on that."

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