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 Terrorists Lead an Offensive in the Donetsk Region, Using Mortars, Tanks and Anti-Tank Missiles - The National Guard

At 5 a.m.terrorists launched a massive offensive against the forces of the National Guard of Ukraine from Stepanivka village (the Donetsk region).

Censor.NET reports, citingthe pressservice of the National Guard.

"The checkpoints of the National Guard of Ukraine, located nearMarynivka village (the Donetsk region), were attacked by tank andmortar strikes and anti-tank missiles. They were fired for morethan an hour. The Ukrainian National Guard repelled the attack andturned to an offensive, forcing terrorists to retreat to thevillage Stepanivka, " the statement says.

Three soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine are wounded. Duringthe bombardment, infrastructure of Marynivka village suffered alot.

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"Now the battle continues near Taranyvillage, where terrorists continue toattack the forcesof the National Guard of Ukraine, theoffensive is conducted fromSavur-Mohyla andStepanivka. The positions Ukrainian security forcesare fired with mortars, tanks andanti-tank missiles.One soldier of the NationalGuard is wounded. The casualties of theterrorists are beingchecked," the NationalGuard reports.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n293979