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 Putin Has a Clear Goal to Destroy Ukraine, but He Has Miscalculated, Yatsenyuk Says

Prime Minister Yatsenyuk stated that "a war on Ukraine was declared but a war of which you will not read in textbooks - this has not happened before."

Speaking at a meeting in the State Fiscal Service ofUkraine, Yatsenyuk stressed that it is necessary to fund the armyand defense, Censor.NETreports.

"Some started calling ita hybrid war, some - hidden. But our soldiers are being killed, theterrorists are killing civilians and killing the country. They aredoing it just because we said we are a free people in a free state,and we want to go to Europe," the Prime Minister said.

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"Putin has had a cleargoal to destroy Ukraine, to reassert his influence in the formerSoviet territory. He failed to realize this plan as they wanted.They miscalculated in Donetsk, Luhansk, Odesa, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv,Kherson. He [Putin] miscalculated. There was no applause for theRussian tricolor [flag]," Yatsenyuk stated.

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But, according to thehead of government, that "does not mean that the Russian Presidenthas stopped.". "Now their plan shifted from political instabilityand separatist ideology to social and economic destabilization. Theones who took part in rallies for Novorossia (New Russia) arealready beginning to talk about pensions and salaries. These arethe same people - FSB agents exiled here ten years ago," Yatsenyuksaid.

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