"I Gave an Oath and I Do what My Conscience Allows Me" - Pilot of the Downed AN-26 during an Interrogation by Terrorists. VIDEO

Russian media have published a video of an interrogation of one of the pilots of the Ukrainian Air Force military transport aircraft AN-26 shot down by the terrorists.

The conversation suggests that the personholding the interrogation is not a citizen of Ukraine. He has poorknowledge of the Ukrainian terms and he does not know the name ofthe university, where the pilot studied asking how it was called inthe time of the Soviet Union, Censor.NET informs.


Russian journalists complained in the story of the propagandachannel Lifenews that they were unable to receive desiredinformation from the pilot. "It was hard to establish contact withthe pilot because Ukrainian soldiers underwent thoroughbrainwashing propaganda of Kyiv."

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v293905