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 Snizhne City Was Bombed by Unknown Aircraft. This Is Cynical Bloody Provocation - NSDC. VIDEO

There is an information that an unknown aircraft bombed the city of Snizhne, the Donetsk region.

Speaker of the Information Center of the NSDC Andrii Lysenko said this at a briefing, Censor.NET reports, citingLigaBusinessInform.


"Bombs fellon LeninStreet. There arecasualties. TheUkrainian aviation do not carry out flights after yesterday's incident with theAN-26 aircraft.Therefore, the Ukrainian side considersthe airstrike as acynical and bloody provocation.The special investigation has beenstarted," Lysenko said.

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Earlier, head of theInformation Resistance groupDmytro Tymchuksaid that thismorningSnizhne city (the Donetsk region) was hit byairstrike. Civilian objects were destroyed. There are casualtiesamong civilians. According tohim, the Ukrainian aviation didnot fly at all sinceyesterday. Accordingly, theairstrike couldnot be done by the aviation of the Ukrainianarmy.

At the same time, the press service of the DonetskRegional State Administration reportedabout collapse of a house in Snizhne on 14Lenin Street,killing fourpeople and
injuring four more. The Administrationdid not mention anything about theairstrike.

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