Ukrainian Troops Were Likely Shelled from Russian MRLS Tornado in Zelenopillia

Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Mikhailo Koval confirmed that terrorists fired Ukrainian soldiers using the Russian multiple rocket launcher systems Tornado near Zelenopillya.

He said this on the air of Svoboda Slova on ICTV on Monday, July 14, Censor.NET reports citing Obozrevatel.

"Saying of the recent events in the region of Zelenopillya: We, the military experts, can clearly see that the shooting was committed using not Grad. They were shooting from Tornado MRLS, which is in service with the Russian armed forces since 2010. Considering the damage inflicted to our vehicles, all those details that we see in the photographs, we may suggest that these were the missiles, which are used by this particular multiple rocket launcher system," Koval said.

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Journalist of Inter TV channel Roman Bochkala earlier reported of the shelling near Zelenopillya using Tornado on July 13.

According to him, while Grad may fire at a distance of 20 km, Tornado launches its missiles at a distance of 90 km. This may mean that the shelling by Tornado was committed from the territory of Russian Federation. The shelling killed 19 Ukrainian soldiers near Zelenopillya. The exact number of the injured is being currently verified.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n293840