US State Department Presents List of Facts that Show Russia's Continuing Support for Armed Separatists in Ukraine

The U.S. State Department issued a document that provides the facts of Russia's support for terrorists in the Donbas.

Censor.NET reports aboutit, citing the USDepartment of State.

"While Russia says it seeks peace, its actions do not match itsrhetoric. We have no evidence that Russia's support for theseparatists has ceased. In fact, we assess that Russia continues toprovide them with heavy weapons, other military equipment andfinancing, and continues to allow militants to enter Ukrainefreely. Russia denies this, just as it denied its forces wereinvolved in Crimea -- until after the fact. Russia has refused tocall for the separatists to lay down their arms, and continues tomass its troops along the Ukrainian border," the documentsays.

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Among the facts, the US Department of State mentions that "Russiacontinues to accumulate significant amounts of equipment at adeployment site in southwest Russia. This equipment includes tanksof a type no longer used by the Russian military, as well asarmored vehicles, multiple rocket launchers, artillery, and airdefense systems. Russia has roughly doubled the number of tanks,armored vehicles, and rocket launchers at this site. More advancedair defense systems have also arrived at this site. Ukrainianforces have discovered large amounts of other Russian-providedmilitary equipment, including accompanying documentation verifyingthe Russian origin of said equipment, in the areas they haveliberated from the separatists," the statement says.

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The US State Department also emphasizes the citizenship ofseparatists. "Recruiting efforts for separatist fighters areexpanding inside Russia and separatists are looking for volunteerswith experience operating heavy weapons such as tanks and airdefenses. Russia has allowed officials from the "Donetsk Peoples'Republic" to establish a recruiting office in Moscow."

The Department of State says that the United States' goalthroughout the crisis in Ukraine has been to support a democraticUkraine that is stable, unified, secure both politically andeconomically, and able to determine its own future. "Therefore, wesupport ongoing dialogue among the foreign ministers from Ukraine,Germany, France, and Russia to work toward a sustainable ceasefireby all parties in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions in easternUkraine that would build toward a lasting peace. We shouldemphasize, however, that our ultimate goal is not just a temporaryhalt to violence. We want Russia to stop destabilizing Ukraine andoccupying Crimea, a part of Ukraine's territory, and allow all ofthe people of Ukraine to come together to make their own decisionsabout their country's future through a democratic politicalprocess," the document concludes.

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