Russia Aims to Escalate Conflict in the Donbas. Ukraine Has Evidence that the ATO Forces Were Shelled from Russia - NSDC

The National Security and Defence Council has evidence that ATO positions are shelled from the Russian territory.

NSDC Information Center speaker Andrii Lysenko said this at abriefing on Monday, Censor.NET reports, citing Ukrinform.

"There are detected caseswhen the ATO forces areshelled from Russia. Ukraine hasevidence for theappropriate internationalresponse," Lysenkosaid.

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"During the lastweek, the number of provocations on theUkrainian-Russian border hassignificantly increased.The militantshave regularly shelled the Russian territoryby mortars andsmall arms, causing a death of a Russiancitizen,"Lysenko noted.

According to the speakerof the NSDC, the Russianside accuses the Ukrainian forces in shelling.

He noted that theRussian side has repeatedlyviolated the airspace of Ukraine, usually afew times a day the Russian militants andequipment attempt ​​to breakinto the territory of Ukraine.

"The recent eventssuggest that the Russianside is aiming to escalate the conflict in theDonbas," Lysenko concluded.

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